Friday, May 27, 2011

Last Day

DAY 4: "Fast forward through the Target grocery store surveillance video, prosecution!!! (sluuuuuuurrrrrp) I think we can all agree she wasn't out looking for the baby!! Huh. Those are some good looking strawberries she bought."

I am off to have lunch with Colin out at school.  I have to say the smell of high school still makes me sweat.  My old high school was turned into a community center when they built the school Colin attends now.  Twenty -- um -- something years later it still has that smell.  Part art supplies, part sweaty gym mat, part some kid wore his chore boots to school*, part boiled hot dog, part fear, part Jean Nate. (shudder)

Of course school is very different now.  I need to check in with the office and not go racing towards the cafeteria with my brown paper lunch bag under my arm.  I do not wish to be tackled by the large sheriff's department security liaison.  It's amazing what fears motherhood overcomes.

* Urban friends and relations, some kids had to get up and do their barn chores before school.  Most did this before they showered, but there may have been one or two per day who did not get up early enough and ended up catching the bus in the shoes they had on in the barn.  There is a distinctive smell to "barn."  And if you're thinking it's just a poo-like smell, you're wrong.  It's a barn smell -- slightly different.  Nothing wrong with it, but it can make for a long algebra class if you're sitting next to it.

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  1. Thanks for the clarification, I did wonder :)