Monday, May 9, 2011

When is the last . . .

After watching Stella Dallas on TCM last night I had to get into bed with Preschooler D.  When is the last time he will let me crawl in?  I think about this a lot right now.  When will he last sit in my lap?  This morning we went for a walk.  The top of his head hit the canopy of the stroller. When will his last ride be?

On Wednesday I am going with Colin on his class trip to see "Everything a 6th grader should see in the state capitol."  To be honest, I'm not really looking forward to it, but he is glad I am coming.  Is the day coming when he won't want me there?

S'daughter Shelby is here for the week before her summer job begins.  She is looking for her big post-graduation job.  Will she ever have the freedom to come and stay for this length of time again?  Will she ever have time again to sit with D and play playdough?

Oh, motherhood.  Sometimes it's like a great punch in the stomach.

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  1. So true, and so where I am at right now, too. Sigh.