Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Popcorn Break

I cannot write to you, I am very busy with the trial.  Could you believe the defense yesterday?! I didn't think there was any way I might come to wonder if she was as guilty as I was convinced she was.

What?  You haven't been tied to In Session today?  You haven't created a system where you can watch live court coverage in each and every room in the house? Live steaming computer video in those rooms where there is no TV or some insolent child insists on watching Sesame Street?  All of the XM radios tuned to HLN?

What's that you say?  You have a life outside of this news event?  You are gainfully employed or are caring for your family by tending to your home?

I . . . OH!  The judge is back! Gotta go!

1 comment:

  1. Marylisa, too funny! Can you believe I no longer watch TV? :) Sorry to disappoint you, but we would still get along just fine, I'm sure. :)