Monday, May 23, 2011

Contempt of Court

At the time that Casey Anthony was partying and getting tattooed while her daughter was missing, I had a very small child and I didn't want to pay attention to the news reports of the story. You know how sensitive I can be. Now that it's time for her trial, though, I think it may be just what the doctor ordered for this restless stay at home mom.  Good summer live court action is better than a soap opera (and there aren't very many of them left) any day.

Coming from a journalism background and being a lover of the law the way I am, I feel it's very important to be an unbiased she's guilty observer while both sides she's guilty present their cases.  It is time to watch the American legal system at its very finest hour where a guilty person is considered innocent even though she's guilty until proven guilty because she is. What could be better TV entertainment?

Although I will definitely have to turn away during any autopsy photos or forensic evidence. I'm not ready for that. Yuck.  I mean really.

Oh! And when if they convict guilty her, she could get the death penalty, and you know I am too much of a gentle spirit for that.

It's going to be interesting anyway . . .

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  1. She's guilty. And hopefully won't be able to get off on an insanity deal. -L