Friday, April 29, 2011

God Save Me

It's been an enjoyable morning of royal wedding watching for me.  I did not get up to watch because, as we know, I'm a big sleeper, but I have caught up this morning.

I must say one of my favorite parts is watching the queen when they sing the national anthem.  One of these times I really want her to break out at the end, "GOD SAVE MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!"  She doesn't.  She just stands there and looks noble.  I'd even like it if she looked around after and mouthed "Thank you."  She could make that namaste humble bowing hand pose so popular in Hollywood.  She doesn't do that either.

Her husband Prince Phillip sort of mumbles along which must be awkward for him too.  How many times do you think he's had to sing when they were having a really big fight?  "God save the queen," he'd sing and then under his breath add, "Ya stubborn old bag."

To which she'd smile her little queen smile and say under her breath, "We still have enough power to have you beheaded, little man."

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  1. Love it! You are so funny. Glad I stopped by today. This is an awesome way to wind down at the end of a really busy week. :)