Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Poem for Tuesday

Thank you, friends and loved ones, for the good advice on marker removal.  Yes, I tried Mr. Clean and his magic eraser.  Yes, I tried hairspray.  Yes, I tried rubbing alcohol.  I had degrees of success.  Some of it came out.  Some of it came out because the paint came clean off.  There's just no getting around it; there's going to be home improvement painting projects this spring.  Please pray for marital harmony.  Even the simple act of painting a wall can leave us tired and helpless.

Snow showers in the forecast today.

April Fool
Inez George Gridley

A snowfall came on April first,
After the buds were out.
The pussy willows shook their heads.
It made the crocus pout.

The bluebirds hopped from branch to branch,
But never stopped their song;
They knew the snow was just a joke,
And couldn't stay there long!

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