Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Bag

Okay, one more small tale of the vacation, and I swear I will be done with the stories, I think.

So the corporate headquarters for Tastefully Simple is in the next town over.  Do you know Tastefully Simple?  It's a home party business like Pampered Chef or Tupperware, but it's food.  I used to make their ads way way way back in the day when it was two ladies selling gift baskets out of the back of a car.  Honestly, I think I only made two or three before they got too big for my limited graphic arts skills.  Today they have 28,000 consultants and 350 employees at their headquarters.  My sister-in-law works there.  She has the very cool job of obtaining the incentive rewards the consultants earn through sales and recruitment.

So, anywho, Brent and I got off the plane and got in line for the resort shuttle and we stood behind a lady and her family all labeled up with Tastefully Simple.  I said, "Oh, we live in that town!" which wasn't quite true, but close enough for casual line conversation.  It turned out that Tastefully Simple incentive travel winners were at the same resort we were at for the week.

Well, it's a small world, isn't it?!

And it would all end nicely there if I had not fallen in love with the tote bag those ladies received upon arrival.  It was a cross shoulder messenger bag with two side pockets -- one for your umbrella, one for your water.  Loved that bag!!  Loved that bag so much I started stalking the hospitality table looking for people from the corporate office I knew.  Didn't see anyone.  Loved that bag, I started sending email messages about the bag to my sister-in-law.  She's all by the book and everything and felt that only people who earned the trip should receive one. Oh, fine! Loved that bag, I started hanging around the hospitality table hinting and dropping my sister-in-law's name.  Nothing.  Loved that bag, I tried to trade my tasty daiquiri to a TS lady for her bag.  Did not work.  She just went and bought her own daiquiri.

So in the end I am bagless and wondering if I went to work at TS if I could get one of those bags.  Is it wrong to start a new career just for one canvas tote bag?

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