Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Poem for Tuesday

What a great weekend!  With all of Big Daddy's children (and I am counting Rachel in that number as well whether she likes it or not) here, it was a full house.  People were sleeping everywhere.  Blankets and pillows and chaos.  How fun for us!  Now Preschooler D and I are just watching Sprout and eating up the left over Easter bread in the shape of a bunny (with a special shout out to faithful reader-friend Mary S.)

I don't think we had an Easter poem last week because I was in a mood of some sort.  We'd better have one now.  I'm choosing this one.  It was too cold and damp to look for eggs outside on Sunday.  Preschool D did a great job with the help of his adult siblings.  We thought we found all 60 of them, but as I grabbed a spoon to stir cookie dough yesterday, another plastic egg popped out of the spoon crock.  Are there more to be found yet?

Easter Eggs
Winifred C Marshall

Sing a song of Easter eggs -- 
Betty counted eight,
Hidden in a grassy nook,
By the garden gate;

Two beneath the lilac bush,
Near the pansy bed;
Bob gave her a purple one;
She gave Bob a red;

Four beneath a wild rosebush,
Growing in the yard.
Let's help Betty count her eggs;
It will no be hard.

Well, now that I am reading this again, I'm wondering if it's sort of a slap in Betty's face.  "Not hard to count your few eggs, Betty!  Maybe you shouldn't have given that red one to Bob!"

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