Monday, April 11, 2011

Of course he does.

Did Big Daddy and I have fun in "Central Florida?"  Does a bear poop in the woods?  We are having a miserable time adjusting to life here at home.

You know a few days at "the happiest place on earth" is really a study in parenting at its best and worst -- especially around 5 pm when everybody is hot, tired and had about enough.  Brent and I were walking along at Epcot one day when we heard a man running.  This man looked like he was going for Olympic gold.  His arms were pumping and his legs looked like a machine.

"He's lost a kid," Brent remarked.  And, sure enough, we looked about 50 yards ahead to see a lone stroller in the middle of the path abandoned next to where some drums had been playing.  Dad came past us going the other way pushing the still sleeping baby along.  They were probably in a group.  Everybody thought the other one had the baby.

We can laugh because -- thankfully -- it wasn't us this time, right?

My next favorite parenting moment was from a Southern Mommy ahead of us in line at Maelstrom which is a boat ride at Epcot in the country of Norway.  You have to understand what a treat it is for a far north mommy like me to see one of these Southern ladies at work.  It was a thing of beauty.  First of all, she was gorgeous.  She had on capri yoga pants and a tank top with her hair piled on her head, and she looked great.  I had carefully orchestrated a little outfit with shorts, t-shirt, and coordinating shoes and jewelry.  I looked hot, tired and bedraggled.

She had a little girl of about five and a little boy of about three with her.  The little girl made it very clear she did not want to go on the ride.  There was protesting and dramatic gestures.  Finally Southern Mommy bent over and looked her in the eye and said, "I am fixin' to get angry with you. Do you think your brother wanted to sit there and eat lunch with those princesses? He. Did. Not. But he did it for you and now he wants to go on this boat ride and you are going to ride on this boat and you are going to smile while you do it."

That little girl looked right back at her and said . . ."I have to poop."

Oh my gosh, I bust a gut.  The grandma with them had to turn because she started laughing too, and then Grandma and little girl left.  Sadly after about 10 more minutes of waiting the ride broke down and brother didn't get to ride it either.

I'm not positive he really cared.

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  1. So glad you had a good time! Love hearing those parenting stories...because as you said, this time it wasn't me :)