Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Stinkin' Minnesota Weather

Once you see the view from my front door, you will know why I have nothing to say today.

That's right.  There's no spring in Minnesota this year.  It's just perpetual snow and ice -- like Narnia before Aslan.


  1. yep. i know. still waiting for my coping skills to show up and help me laugh it off. made rice krispie bars and extra coffee. ignoring all windows. need to scream now. goodbye.

  2. Move to Pennsylvania! We have 4 very beautiful seasons that are each 3 months long!!! However...we did just get a few inches of snow the other day...hmmmm. I think they need a new Puxatawny Phil. This one was definitely WRONG!! I hope to o see him in person sometime. He lives only a few miles away. ;)