Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Poem for Tuesday

Don't tempt my mother.

A Jolly Battle
Maude Wood Henry

The popcorn battle rages -- 
Hear the bullets whizzing past!
The air is filled with popping guns,
They're shooting thick and fast.

Each gallant popcorn kernel,
In snow-white uniform,
Is in the fight with all his might,
And things are getting warm.

"Pop-pop!" you hear, and "pop-pop-pop!"
Is answered without fail;
The clatter of the popping squads
Is like a rain of hail.

A jolly popcorn battle
Is a most stirring sight;
But hard to tell, as you know well,
Which side has won the fight.

And when the battle's over,
The kernels, large and small,
From great to least will make a feast,
And give a popcorn ball.