Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Poem for Tuesday

Colin has a test on Minnesota's role in the Civil War today. Just to be interesting, let's have a poem featuring the leader from Southern side.

Robert E. Lee
Clarence M Lindsay

Soul of the Old South, and her pride!
great leader of her sons,
Who fiercely fought and grimly dies
Amid the flaming guns
Of Gettysburg and red Shiloh!
Thy countrymen today
The measure of thy greatness know,
Thou deathless Man in Gray!

"Son of the Old Dominion!" True
To her at any cost!
Choosing to lead the valiant few,
Be their cause won or lost!
Thy soul still marches on! We see
Against the fadeless past
Thy knightly figure, deathless Lee,
Imperishably cast!

"Mars' Robert!" Chieftain of the host
Which wore the Southern gray!
Today thou art a nation's boast;
And shall be so, for aye!
The Stars and Bars are folded now,
In glory, not in shame!
And a united people bow
To Lee's immortal name!

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