Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Oh, Spring Where Art Thou

Still no spring here, non-Minnesota friends and loved ones.  No sign of the sandbox.  I think we're stuck.  I've been on the lookout for Aslan or small boys eating Turkish Taffy.

Next week Big Daddy Brent and I are going to (ahem) Central Florida for a few days.  You might have to think about that for a minute.  We aren't taking any of the children, so I am purposely vague about this.  Some people might think it strange that we would go to (ahem) Central Florida without the children, but I consider myself one of these people.  Like (um) those people, I don't really want anyone to know about my habit.  But as a faithful reader, you probably already did which is further proof that I have a problem and am in denial.

Next year.  Next year we will go somewhere else.  I just feel sure of it.

Well, we'll see.  Let's not get too excited about it yet until we see the spring of this year.

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