Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Zamar, my hero

The most fantastic thing happened to me Monday night.  When your life is filled with endless piles of laundry and dishes, when your last outing was to return an old video to the library, when getting "dressed up" means your good jeans -- well, it doesn't take much, does it?

Brent and I had gone to hear Cody James perform.  Cody's a cool guy with a neat testimony, a big prison ministry and -- truth be told -- a sort of strangely Bret Michaels type vibe.  I don't know what to tell you. Of course, I'm the one who thought I saw Idina Menzel at church this week.

Anyway . . . we needed to talk with him because he'll be playing at Cataclysm Catalyst this week and as Brent is the music guy, we needed to know how to prepare.  Cody was nice as could be and very accommodating to our brand new church limitations.  "Well!" he said.  "Let's figure out something right now!  What do you guys play?"

He looked at me warily -- I would say with air of predictability in his eye and said, "Let me guess.  Piano, right?"

Ha-Ha!  Oh, friends and loved ones! Those precious seconds! It was such a beautiful thing to anticipate his reaction.

"Ah, no.  Bass actually."

Now you and I both know I am just a bass student, but that did not take one thing away from this moment.  He literally fell back and started laughing. "OH! I totally missed that one.  I did not see that! That's great!"

Maybe I should be a little insulted.  Maybe I should be worried that I look more like middle-class-piano-playing-mommy than super-bass-chick-rocker-mama.  Oh, but I'm not!  No, beneath this practical L.L. Bean parka and wool socks lies a Woman of Mystery fully capable of surprising Nashville-type, formerly incarcerated musicians.

Take that!

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