Monday, January 31, 2011

PBS, how could you?

For the past four weeks I have committed myself to this Masterpiece Classic series on PBS.  I regularly enjoy Masterpiece.  I am a big Agatha Christie fan, so everything stops for Masterpiece Mystery.  (Also that hunky Inspector Lynley, but they don't make those any more.  I have to read the actual books.  Imagine!) 

Downton Abbey was a good series, I more than willingly threw D into his bed, left Colin for Big Daddy, found my jammies and shut the door this month so that I would not be disturbed.  Elizabeth McGovern was in it and how great was that?

Last night was going to be the last night.  I was all snuggled in watching away when suddenly I realized I had been watching for a long time and things didn't seem to be wrapping up.  Hmmmm.  Maybe the episode was going to be extra long.

But . . . NO!  Suddenly everything stopped and a blank screen came on that said, The next series of Downton Abbey is in production right now.

Um.  WHAT?!  Wait!  I am not watching Lost on ABC.  I am watching Masterpiece Classic on PBS.  I did not start watching this to have it end in a cliffhanger I will have to wait a year to see.  Not next week.  Not until after the Superbowl.  Not over the summer.  A year.  A year!  It will be a year.

WHAT?!  PBS, how could you?

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