Monday, January 10, 2011

My "Wicked" Church Service

So it was the second week of regular church services at Catacomb Catalyst Covenant yesterday.  We'd gotten up early to get there in time to set up.  I'd only had one coffee.  I'd run interference on a couple of meltdowns and had one of my own.  I was sitting at the back running the  -- it's not Powerpoint but something like that -- when we had a time of prayer. When we finished praying, I looked up and the most lovely woman passed by me in a long red coat, and I thought to myself, "That is Idina Menzel, the Broadway actress." (Or do you know her from Glee?  I don't watch.  I don't know what to tell you.)

And I had to have a little conversation with myself that went something like this:
"Lisa, I'm not going to tell you it's impossible that Idina Menzel has made her way to Catacomb Catalyst this morning, but it is highly unlikely."

I saw my friend Les walking somewhere with her and after the service was over, I had another little conversation with myself that went like this:
"Lisa, on the off chance that Les knows Idina Menzel and she has come to Catacomb Catalyst today, gosh darn it, you ought to go meet her."
I went and found my friend (and wife of Les) Sue and asked her who the woman was. This turned into a comedy of errors as Sue wanted to know where I though Les had been with this woman.

As you have probably guessed by now, it was not Idina, and I didn't even get to meet Mystery Woman because she'd left by the time I got doing my little Catacomb Catalyst jobs. Maybe if I got another look at her I would have this little conversation with myself:

"Lisa, this woman looks nothing like Idina Menzel."

But you can never be too sure in this life.  Stranger things have happened, so I think a person should always check it out.

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  1. So now I am curIous as to who this woman was that was walking around with Les! Do you suppose Susie ever found out? ;-)