Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Great State of Denial

It's -4 right now (RealFeel -24) and going down.  The wind chill is picking up.  This is Minnesota and I find myself . . . slipping . . . into . . . denial . . .

Whooo-eee, everybody!!  What a gorgeous day!!  Thank goodness we have nothing to do but ride around on the pontoon.  (Um, I think, you should probably not sit in the front, though.)  Did you put enough icy things in the cooler with the egg salad?  If it were winter, we'd just stick it on the porch and not worry about it! Hahahahahah!! Thank goodness it's not!  Let's motor over to Molly's and see if she's got the flag flying for cocktail hour.  If it were winter, she'd be toasty warm in Arizona, but it's summer!! And we're all happy together here on the pontoon!!! Ahhhhhhh!!! Sunscreen?  You're looking a little pink. Ohhhh!!  Maybe we should go to Starbuck to the Dairy Queen before we go over to Mol's.  I could really go for a dilly bar after that questionably warm egg salad.  If it were winter, the DQ wouldn't even be open!! Hahahahahahaha!! What a long and tiresome season winter is!!!! Thank goodness it's summer now!


Ah . . . . Oh, dear.


  1. oh my gosh ML you are too funny - if that's any consolation at all. You be cool minnesota girl! The Hawaiian honey is in the mail btw! :)

  2. The Flag!! It be a flyin' here in AZ!!! Come visit us.