Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's My Opinion

I just finished a survey which asked me if I believed negative political rhetoric was to blame for the shootings in Arizona.  Yesterday I was asked to sign a petition against a politician for violent advertising.

Do I believe we could be a little more civilized in our political conversations in America? Yes, of course we could.  We should watch more Questions for the Prime Minister on C-SPAN.  Over in Great Britain they do a lovely job of civility.  "What my most distinguished and honorable colleague from the other side of the aisle does not realize, is that he has his head up his butt."  All said in those charming accents.  Very polite.

Do I believe tense political rhetoric was the cause of shooting in Arizona?  No.  A crazy person (who did not realize he was crazy) with a gun was the cause of the shootings.

Did he get all pumped up over politics?  Yes.  But he was a crazy person.  If it had not been that, it would have been something or someone else.

Let's understand mental health better in this country before we get all excited about the First Amendment.

And now I descend from my soap box.

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