Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Preschooler D Gets a Library Card

PLACE: The library

LIBRARIAN WENDY:  Now D, here is your very own new library card.  You will need it every time you check out a book.  There's a big card and a card for your key ring some day when you get a key ring.  This is free, but don't lose it because then you will have to pay a fee.  Are you ready? (Pushes card to D)

PRESCHOOLER D: No. (Pushes card back to Librarian Wendy. Librarian Wendy looks stunned.)

THE MOTHER:  Why don't I just put it in my purse for now?

Librarian Wendy called just now still laughing.  She said she's never had anyone weigh the responsibility of the library card so heavily.

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