Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Poem for Tuesday on Thursday

We have to have a poem this morning because I have gotten up too early.  I was up late watching TCM again. No, really.  I get sucked in.  Last night was Troy Donahue.

Why Am I Glad?
Solveig Paulson Russell

Why am I glad when march winds blow?
Can't you guess?  Don't you know?
Why, March winds toss my kite so high
It seems like an eagle in the sky.

And March winds drive the white clouds so
They look like sheep or drifts of snow.
They turn the windmills and play such jokes
As blowing off hats from the common folks.

Why am I glad when March winds blow?
For all these reasons.  Besides I know
That the winds of March are the wings of spring,
And soon we'll have flowers and birds that sing.

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