Friday, March 23, 2012

Church Ladies

"Do you want me to do it?  I'm faster," he said over my shoulder.

I was in the tiny office of our new baby church working on the bulletin because reader-friend Sue who normally does this is in Nevada (not Arizona as some have reported). Now Sue had most of the bulletin finished, but it's really challenging to sit down at someone else's desk, someone else's computer, someone else's programs and pick up where she left off.  Even though bulletin creation is right up my publishing background alley, it took more time than Sue normally takes, I guarantee it.

So I had a little voice over my shoulder at the beginning.

"Pastor," I said.  "Why don't you go into your office and wait there until I need you."

Most people call him Steve, but I like to call him "Pastor" in my most grating little old Scandinavian-Minnesota accent.  Our new baby church is woefully short of little old church ladies and the tone of voice is something I like to contribute to the cause of our church plant free of charge.

It sounds like this, "Paaas-ter."

I don't think Steve is in love with this, but you can't just run off and start a church and expect that you can run away from little old church ladies.

Our church has some ladies who are grandmas, but I wouldn't say they are little old church ladies.  One of them wears yellow Chuck Taylors with shoelaces that say Jesus on them.  I like this.  I am a daily wearer of cream no-lace Chucks, but they're just not as jazzy.  I think you need to be of a certain age and disposition to wear them, and she is.

I might need to purchase some for later use.

Thurs - 1.25 miles.  Almost stopped to walk. Didn't.  Probably could have walked faster than I was running.
Fri. - .5 mile.  Got myself an armband so I can wear my phone as I run and it will keep track of where I am and how fast I am going.  It's a pretty cool program, but I have a big phone and I can't decide if I look like a techie runner or a fat mommy who is trying too hard.

Blood Marrow Journal:  No news is no news.


  1. I love reading your blog, friend! And, I love that old church lady with those Yellow Chuck Taylor's :)

  2. I love her, too. Wish I were as cool as she is! Oh well, at least I'm as old. Have to practice on that Paaas-ter thingy!!