Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Up for the Moment

Friends and loved ones, the leaves are popping out like crazy here in West Lake Woebegone. It would be a beautiful thing if not for the the tree pollen that was exploding with the leaves. I have a headache that will not be touched by massive amounts of Advil Sinus alternating with Tylenol. I have taken to my bed. While I ponder moving to Arizona where there are no trees, why don't you go visit the new blog of my friend and real-life writer Roxane Salonen, Peace Garden Writer. You know her already from Peace Garden Mama in my blog roll, but she has started a new blog focused on the writing process.

Preschooler D is watching a movie, so I am going back to bed.



  1. its so beautiful right now. I am loving this early spring.

    God Bless

  2. Oh we do have trees and enough pollen to give the whole world allergies, BUT come end of May it'll all be gone. Too darn hot for anything to survive, except us 'zonies'.
    You come on down though, I have a good supply of allergy medications :)
    Hope you are better soon!