Monday, April 19, 2010

The Sickie

Preschooler D is down for the count. Not sure what's wrong. He has a slight fever and is resting on the couch watching episode after episode of Dora the Explorer. I know he must not be feeling well because he could tolerate two Doras in a row at the most.

In case you don't know, Dora is a small cartoon child who speaks both English and Spanish and she goes on little adventures with her trust sidekick Boots who is a small cartoon monkey in boots. I don't really mind Dora, but (and Cyberspace Sarah will back me up here) Dora seems to be YELLING all of the time, and it gets old for me. I've watched her in Spanish -- on Univision of course -- and she doesn't seem as loud. Perhaps she thinks her English speaking audience is slightly deaf.

I really like Max and Ruby but I can't watch for very long because I start to over think the whole premise. Max and Ruby are cartoon bunnies who wear clothes and walk upright and live in a bunny town, but their parents seem to be missing. Grandma Bunny shows up every now and then, but by and large Max and Ruby seem to be on their own. Ruby gets a wee bit bossy, and I don't know if I feel annoyed by her or sorry for the poor dear because she has to care for her brother at such a young age.

See. I over think it.

I'm just glad Barney has gone the way of . . . well . . . the way of the dinosaur. Colin watched him a little, and I didn't BAN Barney or anything, but I'm not sorry he's gone.

I hear a small moaning for chocolate milk. Gotta go . . .

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  1. I just love that little tune....Max and Ruby, Ruby and Max......