Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Poem for Tuesday

This poem is for Preschooler D, who is not well enough to be out and about and not sick enough to be in bed. He is not happy.

I'm So Mad I Could Scream
William Cole

I'm so mad I could scream,
I'm so mad I could spit,
Turn over a table,
Run off in a snit!

I'm so made I could yell,
I could tear out my hair,
Throw a rock through a window,
Or wrestle a bear!

I mean - I am furious,
In a terrible huff,
I'm raging and roaring
And boy, am I tough!

I'm really ferocious,
I really am mad
I'm ready to beat up
My mother and dad!

On thinking it over,
I will not leave home,
But I'll put all my anger
Right here in this poem.

I'm feeling much better -
Like peaches and cream -
For a poem is the best way
Of letting off steam!

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