Friday, August 28, 2009

Writer's Block Friday . . . Hooray!

1. Toddler D really enjoys a sandwich cookie once he gets it peeled. Think about it.

2. Please enjoy two new listings on my blog roll. "Bits and Pieces" is by one of my favorite coffee baristas Bethany who is pregnant and cute as can be. "Semester at Sea" is by Laura and Becca, two dear little friends who are on the Semester at Sea Voyage. They will be traveling around the world on a cruise ship for the next few months, poor things. Their brother was on the voyage that got caught in storm a few years back. Maybe you remember the footage from the news of the kids rolling back and forth across the ship. They docked for a few days in Hawaii and were just fine.

3. Brent and I are thinking of starting a new act "Brent and ML sing the hits of the 80's a la Steve and Edyie." Or maybe "a la Guy and Ralna" if that would mean more to your civic organization or banquet event. It certainly might in this neck of the woods. Contact me for booking dates. (Maybe you don't know me well enough to know I'm kidding . . . sort of.)

4. Speaking of this neck of the woods, Arizona Girlfriend Audrey suggests that if she needed to purchase any of the items mentioned in Mondays blog entry about Fleet Farm, she would go to Wal-Mart or Ace Hardware. She's on the right track, but Fleet Farm is so much more. You can buy medicine for your cattle, bulk dried pineapple, bunk beds, work boots, and a fondue pot there.

5. It's date night, if there's a baby sitter. Otherwise, it's date night for four.


  1. I've been linked!!! Now I really have to keep writing! :-) Thanks lady! Will we see you in the morning at the 'Bou?

  2. Yes, it is true. We lack a place like Fleet Farm here in AZ. There just is nothing that compares. We do, however, have a Philosophy store! (Just a little reason for you to visit, ML!)