Sunday, August 16, 2009


Look at this poor, once proud dahlia.

Slugs. They ate the entire thing the four days we were gone "up north." We came home from a wedding on Saturday afternoon and I caught them there in the rain munching away as if they owned the place. I tried picking them off, but there were so many and I was in a rather fancy dress and heels.

They haunted me in my dreams Saturday night crawling and oozing everywhere. Death to them, I say. According to my Internet research beer is the silent killer of slugs. I was going to say "unfortunately" I used the last can on some Tastefully Simple Bountiful Beer Bread, but it really is good stuff, so we weren't unfortunate to have eaten it . . . anyway I found a yeast recipe for slug killer and I am experimenting with that, a kosher salt barrier, and some upside down pots which will apparently lure the slugs with their shady darkness. I will then relocate the slugs . . . perhaps to a bleach bath.

Oh, I'm really a pacifist at heart. This is all making me rather sick, but you just can't reason with a slug.


  1. Gross as it is, my Emma dog came out of the woods on Saturday with slugs stuck on her fur!! Apparently they were having "it's finally a dank, wet and dark" party day and they gathered enmasse with too many of them to stay on the undergrowth amongst the trees. I was not merciful to them. Bobbie

  2. Death to all slugs! Emancipate the hostas!

  3. I can't agree more. The slugs out in Washington were gianormous. That was when I learned they are foreign creatures! They jumped on the ship from England, I believe it was, years ago. Well, most of the rest of us are foreigners too, I guess, but really, at least we don't look like a shiny version of doggy doo. Ewww! And we don't eat flowers either!