Thursday, August 20, 2009

Peace Treaty

After going out to individually salt a few slugs last night, I declared a peace treaty. I have significantly decreased their population even if I haven't gotten them all. I read that a few controlled slugs can be good. I continue to deconstruct my little Tassimo coffee pods to put the grounds around the plants. I don't think that stopped them at all, but it's a fun little craft project I can handle. (Please don't ask about my counted cross stitch eye glass case.)

Now that there is peace in the land, it's time for the boys and me to travel to foreign lands and seek out adventure. In this case . . . Wisconsin, which isn't even in Minnesota. We are going to visit my sister Cyberspace Sarah and determine if her new village is inhabitable.

I've never gone anywhere overnight with the boys without Big Daddy, so this really is an adventure.

See you next week.

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