Thursday, August 27, 2009

Writer's Block Fri . . . oh, shoot

Well, we can't have writer's block. It's only Thursday and, as you know, writer's block is for Friday. Let me make a second cup . . .

So, it's looking a little bit fallish around here, and as you know I am not good with any sort of change, even positive change. Colin's backpack is all packed and ready to go. Toddler D and I are signed up for another round of ECFE. I don't know if I've talked about Grandpa Larry, but he's a grandpa I stop and talk to on my walk every day. Anyway, he's had his coat on the past few mornings. Brent's music schedule is mind boggling.

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed and we haven't even started yet.

Now while it's true I can be an emotional eater, I would say I have a bigger problem with emotional spending, and so I have been spending every free moment pouring over things I didn't know I needed on eBay. I find there is slightly less guilt on eBay AND I can do it nearly constantly, so I don't need to drive to a mall or even Target (also a terrific emotional spending stop). So far I am the proud owner of several long sleeve t-shirts (for me), a pair of shorts (also for me) and a handheld GPS system with which I am going to unite my entire family with that fascinating hot new sport, geocaching. I am also bidding on a swimsuit (for me) for all of that swimming I do.

Oh wait, swimming often requires putting your face in the water.

Okay, I am bidding on a swimsuit for all that sitting around on deck chairs that I do.

Oh wait, I live in Minnesota. We don't have deck chairs because we don't have pools.

Okay, I am bidding on a swimsuit for that beach vacation I have coming up sometime in the future.

There. I knew I could justify it.


  1. You could always travel to Arizona, we get way too many opportunities to wear a swimsuit :)

  2. The swimsuit could also be for your planned trip to PA, right?