Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Second Cup

I've made myself a second latte in the Tassimo today as I ponder the story of my Successful Attractive High School Classmate (SAHSC).

SAHSC was pretty and popular. Everybody liked her. She had her own fashion style girls envied but couldn't quite duplicate. She was athletic and musical. She got along with all the kids no matter what clique. She was good at things, but not so good that you disliked her, if you know what I mean. If push came to shove, she would have to admit, I dragged her through Algebra II, a class I hated myself.

Today she has a truly enviable and glamorous corporate job. I'm not even kidding. She travels the world. She gets free spa supplies. That's all I am going to say.

I never wanted to move back to West Lake Woebegone. The day of graduation was one of the happiest of my life. It was my ticket to freedom. On that day SAHSC said to me, "I know you're glad high school's over, but I had a lot of fun and I am really going to miss you."

I noddled blithely. I was off to get my powerful corporate job and live in an all white condo. West Lake Woebegone, Ciao!

Yet 22 years later, here I am. On the other side of town for sure . . . but the town's not that big. I am sitting in my less than immaculate kitchen writing a blog only my mother, sister, Jeremy J and the Arizona girlfriends read. Wearing my truly unfashionable Mickey Mouse Crocs being pulled on by Toddler D who is screaming. Listening to Colin whine that there's only four more weeks until school. Listening to Jeremy pine for girlfriend Cute as a Button who is on vacation with her family.

Do I regret my life? Not a bit. There is so much joy and laughter in my daily life. I have amazing peace even in the challenging hours. I am exactly where I am supposed to be, even if it doesn't look all that great or glamorous to the outside world. And I know for sure, I live in one of the prettiest towns in Minnesota . . . well, you know, for the three months a year it's green.

Am I a wee bit jealous this morning? Um . . . yes, absolutely. Unfortunately I don't have time or energy to dwell.

I do have time and energy for another latte from the Tassimo and that's all this subject is going to get today.


  1. Your thoughts brought tears to my eyes...we are so incredibly blessed! Sometimes the blessing is in the busyness that stops us from being able to dwell on ourselves too much:)

  2. Hey, ML, I'm not your mother, JJ, or from Arizona. I love your thoughts and the way you express them. I have had these same sorts of thoughts before and come to the same sorts of conclusions about it all. It's human to have some envy from time to time, but all you really have to do to rid yourself of it is to realize, as you have within yourself, that what's on the outside and the reality that lies on the inside are two different matters. I wonder who is really happier -- you or glamor girl? I mean, truly happy. I have my suspicions. That doesn't mean your life is perfect. True joy springs from deep within. Glad you're discovering that!