Monday, July 6, 2009

Patriotic Duty Spending

We celebrated July 4th early on the 3rd. That's the way Big Daddy and I are. We are non-conformists. We had a lovely time at our friends' summer home eating tasty crackers made in a garbage bag and sipping a lovely orangey cocktail which made my headache (and any other ache I might have been having which we shall not speak of in mixed company) slip away gently into that good night. Here is our hostess, beloved blog reader-sister Molly, standing next to her mother Grandma Bonnie:

And it looks like Colin is back there if you look hard enough. A swell time was had by all and we were home in bed by bedtime. Hooray!

On the actual fourth of July we loaded the boys into the car and went to Minnesota's largest furniture store. I'm sorry. I don't know what to tell you. That's what we did. It was time for us to stimulate the economy and invest in a new kitchen table. When you like to travel as much as we do, home decorating gets pushed to the bottom of your financial priorities. That's why I have unmatched bedroom furniture which sits atop orange carpet.

This furniture store is so large it has maps, a tour guide and a model home inside it. Boys in tow we followed the map to the "dining area," spotted our new table, made arrangements for delivery in 6-8 weeks, ate ice cream in the restaurant and came home to watch A Capitol Fourth on PBS. A swell time was had by most and we were home in bed by bedtime. Hooray!

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  1. Go on and send sister Molly back, with some cracker mix please. Oh and Grandma Bonnie, too...heck you can send Colin along as well! My girls are driving me crazy and we could use some new blood :)