Friday, July 24, 2009

Festival Time

It is festival time in my Lake Woebegone. In the "real" Lake Woebegone, they celebrate Toast and Jelly Days. Ours has a water theme. I think I've told you before that Brent was the president or Admiral a few years back. They call the spouses First Mates. I've only met one spouse who actually enjoyed being called First Mate.

Jeremy is on his way minus girlfriend Cute As A Button who is on vacation with her family. Shelby has to work. My uncle comes from North Carolina. The town is full of old classmates who are fun and not so fun to see.

I will announce two parades. Brent is emcee of the coronation. My father, the mayor, is highest government official allowed in the parade. Everybody takes part somehow.

Here we are after last year's coronation:

You'll probably laugh at me, but my favorite part is . . . the city cleans the streets. You know, like you might clean your house for company.

Then on Monday, they clean them again. You know . . .like after your company leaves.

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