Friday, July 10, 2009

The Birthday Pre-teen

It's a good day to turn 11 which is what Colin has decided to do today. He makes a very good 11. He has started a little eye rolling. A little foot stomping. I've seen it with Jeremy and Shelby, so it doesn't surprise or particularly offend me. He's a very good boy. A very talented kid. I'm terribly biased.

It was a stinky hot day when he was born. I started labor around midnight Wednesday night. I got up at the crack of dawn and took a shower to get ready to become a mother in what I assumed would be a few hours on Thursday. It was early Friday before Colin decided he would consent to be born. It took two doctors and a vacuum. I was exhausted and thought, perhaps, I had changed my mind about the whole thing.

I remember getting in the car with him in the back seat. "I've never been a mother before, but you've never been a baby either. If you'll be patient with me, I'll do my best." And I have tried with more success sometimes than others. There have been times my temper got the better of me and I forgot who was the mature adult and who was the child. There have been times when I have been too strict and times when I have not been strict enough. Together we have made it through babyhood, the toddler years, nursery school and the first day of kindergarten. Colin has done things his own way and in his own time. So have I.

I've no doubt the "tween" years will be the same.

Happy Birthday, my very special promise from God.

Photo by Rachel, AKA Cute As A Button.


  1. ML,

    What a beautiful post, and tribute to your son -- your gift. I love the honesty here. It is so refreshing. Life as a parent isn't roses. I try to write about the roses when they bloom, because I desperately need to smell them before they wilt, but the reality is oftentimes hard. You are doing well. Even though you might not always see it, this is a match made in heaven, and grace and God's love will help you see through all of the difficult times, and revel in the joyful ones. There are many beautiful things ahead. I'll look forward to reading all about it. Blessings...

  2. Ok, why can you always make me cry so easily? Happy birthday to a very special young man who has been blessed with an even more special Mom!!