Monday, July 13, 2009

Let it Shine

Vacation Bible School (VBS) started today. I got up at six, so I could get my morning walk in and then I was as exuberant as I could be to lead opening and closing exercises. (They don't call it that, but you know what I mean.) Now I am tired.

I've always liked VBS. I even liked Ellen Swanson VBS. Ellen was our "church lady." We sang endless, endless choruses of God is So Good. (He cares for me . . . I'll do His will . . . I love him so.) We also sang endless, endless choruses of This Little Light of Mine, (Hide it under a bushel . . . . Won't let Satan . . . Shine it all over Glenwood . . .Pope County . . . Minnesota, etc, etc.), so when I discovered that This Little Light was going to be one of our songs this year, I cringed slightly.

As you saw from the Toddler D video, this version of Little Light has a bayou back beat. The kids are supposed to stomp their feet, then clap. Oh, the poor dears. This was too much. They clapped, then stomped. I tried to get them to practice. They did beautifully . . . then we'd start the music. Back to clap - stomp.

We have all week to practice.

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