Thursday, May 7, 2009


It is too early to plant anything in Minnesota. May 21 is the last frost date, but here's the thing: If I wait too long, seeds or bulbs I plant in the ground will not have time to grow. Well, I didn't start anything inside this year, so I am taking my chances. I finally declared the "hedge" on the side of the house dead and dug it up. I planted some bulbs there. We'll see. There may be a reason the hedge wasn't very healthy over there.

I like planting. I'm not so fond of weeding, thinning, watering and such. Well, I guess watering isn't that hard, but you have to remember to do it.

My grandmother, Gigi, has a real honest to goodness green thumb and somehow she has taken pity and taken over Cyberspace Sarah's front yard. It could be because she drives past Cyberspace's house. Sarah just wakes up in the morning and things are planted there. Grandma's very stealth.

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