Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Anonymous comments

Author's note: I wrote this yesterday while I was all hot under the collar about the subject. I've read it again, and I think I do have a valid point or two, so I am going to leave it. That being said, you must, must, must know for the record that Cyberspace has a lovely even-keeled temper and saw the whole situation as an interesting interaction with her reading public. I know we have the same parents. How does she do it?

I know two bloggers who were recently plagued with snarky anonymous comments. One of them was my sister Cyberspace Sarah on the entry I sent you to on Monday. If I find it was one of you, dear readers, I am really going to be miffed, and I am firmly shaking my finger at you right now. Here's the deal:

1. The world takes itself much, much too seriously. If you are any regular reader of mine or my sister's, you will know we would never, never say anything to purposely hurt or offend anyone. There is humor in nearly every situation. I, personally, could find something hilarious at a funeral.

2. I am a firm believer in free speech. That being said, maybe Sarah is open to it, but my blog isn't really a dialogue. If you don't like what I have to say, go read someone else's blog.

3. If you really do want to argue with me, you better tell me who you are, because how am I to know you're not just an angry ex-boyfriend with a grudge or something? See #2. I understand that some of you have to leave comments in the anonymous section of that area, but you can still sign your name.

Oh, my goodness, that has gotten me ALL worked up so early in the day. And with my fragile health, too. Make sure you read Sarah's follow up entry just so we are all perfectly clear on her message. Jeepers.

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  1. sure can stir a pot! I find your blogs both enjoyable and entertaining...however, I understand your humor...others may not. All I can say is...if anyone took offense to what was said by your sister, she should not feel badly. I am sure that the anonymous "cabiner" was just having a bad day at the lake...a little too cool for boating maybe...or she also may have been frustrated because she could not find chips either!!!