Thursday, May 14, 2009

And it's quiet

After all the excitement of yesterday's blog entry, I am not sure I have anything interesting to say.

Our time with Shelby is winding down. This weekend she is heading to her job at a state park on Minnesota's North Shore.

The Little Brothers love her and want to be with her and want to see what she's doing and just be near her. It's lovely . . . for me. Last week, I just sort of stared at the wall with all my extra quiet time. Today I started to panic. Only a few more days and I had only done one thing on my list of three to do while she is here:

1. Clean Toddler D's closet.
2. Clean my closet.
3. Clean the porch.

I did D's closet way last week and got it out of the way. It's bittersweet to put his little clothes away -- things I have purchase just for him and things which were Colin's and have now been through two cousins to boot. They are all being put away for good. I just took a deep breath and carried it all out to my car and to a friend from church who is having her fourth child under four. It's those little girls from church, you may recall, with whom D is so keen on jumping on the pew.

Today I dived in a did my closet. Ew.

It's not really warm enough to commit to summer things, but once you've dragged everything out, there is no turning back. I spent the majority of the afternoon near tears as I realized all of my winter clothes, which I wear nine months of the year, fit into one little Rubbermaid. Yet, I pulled out t-shirts every color of the rainbow, skirts, six pairs of Khaki shorts, capris, polos, sleeveless shirts . . . like I live in Arizona or something. (Shout out to the sisters in AZ!)

I suspect, maybe even tomorrow morning, I will dig down in that one poor little Rubbermaid looking for a long-sleeved t-shirt, but now I have two things done on my list.

On to number three, where I have to figure out where to store the snow boots. Yuck.

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  1. Heck put on your swimsuit--it's headed to 106 on Monday!! You know we are fortunate, flip flops store a lot easier than boots :)