Monday, May 11, 2009

8 Cents

So I got into the car Friday to return some library books and noticed a dime sitting on the little ledge where you insert a CD.

Oh, no.

Oh, yes. I flashed on last Wednesday when I'd left Toddler D in the front seat unsupervised while I emptied the groceries or books or whatever it was. I was pretty proud of myself. I knew right where he was. What could happen, I thought. My vehicle requires you to have a foot on the brake to put it in drive and, anyway, I had the keys in my pocket. It's the perfect, fun trap.

Yet, something was nagging at me. Something was not right. It is not right to leave a toddler in the front seat of a vehicle. This is bad parenting.

Well, I fished him out and didn't use my car again until Friday when I saw that dime. As I was fishing the dime out without shoving it in, I saw the penny in the DVD slot.

Instead of getting the penny out, I pushed it in. Great.

I continued to the library. When I turned I heard the change slide around. I had 18 cents sitting in the front. Why I remember this, I don't know, but I fished out the dime, so there's a nickle and three pennies left.

As you may recall, I live a block from my car dealer. When I went in to admit I was a slipshod sort of parent who allows a baby uncontrolled access to the front of a motor vehicle, Connie the service desk person laughed and said, "Well, sometimes it's pretty easy to get out and sometime not."

Ah. This has happened before. I'm not the only one. Hooray! There's comfort in numbers.

It cost $57.17 for them to remove my radio, shake the 8 cents out, and put the radio back. They did leave me the 8 cents. They could have kept it and taken it off my bill.

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