Friday, April 3, 2009

Weight of the world

I was really proud I didn't gain any weight during the Big Anniversary Birthday Birthday cruise, and so I've been proudly celebrating by eating fried shrimp, french fries and homemade ice cream.

The tide has turned. The scale is going the wrong direction.

I come from healthy stock. Large boned stocky farmers. Tall and willowy women. (Review the photo of my great-grandmother there.) I got more of the large bone stock genes than the tall and willowy genes.

I try really hard not to get too focused on weight. Our culture is so hard on women. This particular era expects us to be razor thin, emaciated even. That's not right, and I reject that image. On the other hand, in America, we love value and quantity and don't know when to say no. It's so easy to eat those tasty hot McDonald's fries and ignore the fact that the large size has enough fat and calories for the entire meal. They're so lovely and salty, crispy and good.

No, my exercise has remained the same and even increased because, as we have discussed before, exercise is an essential part of my good mental health plan.

Chocolate chips are not (well, they are, but you know what I mean) and . . . at least for now . . . they have got to go.

Fare thee well beloved friend.

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