Thursday, April 2, 2009

She's paddling up river

So, as you remember, my s'aughter (stepdaughter) Shelby has been here all week after being evacuated from her college along the Red River in Moorhead. The river is going down and classes start on Monday. She has decided to spend a -- no doubt -- quiet weekend with her Mom up in Duluth after helping hold down the fort with The Little Brothers here at Mania Central all week.

I cannot tell what mixed emotions I have about this. I am very thankful that the flooding was not worse. I am glad Shelby can get back into her own predictable routine.

But . . . well . . . I know it's a little on the selfish side . . .

It was like a live-in nanny ALL week!! I mean to tell you! I caught up on my housework . . . well, you know, such as it is. I read two books. I played spider solitaire. (Yes, Rita, I was cheating again.) Oh, man! To have her here all the time! To have another adult to talk and to listen!

I just want to stand in the door holding her suitcase hostage. "Don't go!" I want to yell. "Don't leave me! You are a valuable member of our family unit!! I'LL MISS YOUUUUUUUUUU!!"

Sigh. I won't.

She is a lovely young woman with a life and interests of her own. I cannot imagine how she's put up with so much Little Brother love all week. It's time. Fine. It's time.

But we're not that far away. Maybe she should start coming down more on weekends. You know, like every weekend.


  1. Count me in. We could alternate Friday & Saturday nights of childcare, you know, so Shelby gets a little boy/girl balance.

  2. Aw, Shucks! I had a great time too!! I am gonna miss all the fun and (believe it or not)relaxation I had this week. Maybe it will console you to think: Only a month til school is out, maybe I can come and spend another week before work starts this summer:)