Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dog: Day 2

Fritz T wants to play with Toddler D so. very. badly. Clearly, they are brothers from a different litter and, at first, D found this amusing. Not so much after a while. Not so much after being treated as a giant chew toy.

I did my best to run interference for most of the day. I am following a Positive Reinforcement! technique. "Hooray, Fritz!! Who went potty outside?! Who's a good boy?!! Who's a winner dog?!! You are!! Yes, you are!!" But somewhere around 3 p.m. this all went out the window. "Get off the couch NOW!!!!!" Any stay at home mom will tell you it all falls to pieces between 3 and 5, and anyone who doesn't say this has a nanny and quite possible a cook.

Oh, how it fell to pieces today.

Colin was home with allergies? strep throat? with one hand over his ear in case the dog barked. (Only other bark was at my mom today when she came to stay with Fritz and Toddler D when I went to pick up said sickie. Fritz was clearly protecting his litter brother.) Toddler D wanted to go outside and was so mad at me for not taking him out that he refused to take off his jacket even though he removed his pants. He then pooped. I took off the old diaper and D refused to let me put a new one on. I hauled him to his room as Colin said, "I don't think I want the dog after all." I wrestled with D, ultimately sitting on him and went back to discover Fritz has had a diaper snack.

I cleaned it up.

After cleaning this up, I sat quietly in my happy place for a few moments . . . while the dog had diarrhea all over the living room. May I note here, I watched the dog's every movement all day waiting to take him outside and give him 60 treats as prescribed by the Positive Reinforcement! book when he pooped.

I cleaned it up.

I then trimmed the dog's butt with a dull old dog scissors and my kitchen gloves.

And then tried to motivate myself to cook a raw chicken.

Tomorrow laundry.

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  1. We got Ellie the Dog two days before my birthday. My gifts that year were of the brown and yellow variety.

    Hang in there! Fritz is a beautiful pup with some (currently) obnoxious tendencies. This is normal.

    Hard as heck, yes, but normal.