Monday, April 20, 2009


Meet my mid-life crisis.

We named him Fritz Tatanka. Fritz after a great-uncle of mine and Tatanka, as you know, is the Lakota word for bison. (You may have to live slightly east of the Great Plains to find this as hilarious as I do, but just try saying "tatanka" several times in the deep voice of one of our Native American ancestors on his way to the hunt and you may chuckle. It's a truly great word.)

Brent and I love the dog. Toddler D and Fritz T are brothers from different litters. It has barked once since being here. Unfortuneately, that one bark has put Fritz T on the outs with Colin.

Colin is not a big fan of any sort of sudden noise, which is the very nature of a dog bark. We had dogs when he was born, but he's never appreciated the barking. We put our last dog to sleep about six months ago and it felt like it was time. Colin was upset he didn't have a pet. We can't have a cat because of allergies. I don't think Toddler D is in a good place for any type of rodent or other caged animal. A smallish dog seemed like a good choice.

We have Fritz T on a trial basis for a week. I had Fritz T and Colin out playing catch this afternoon. They are both trying really hard to be friends.

We appreciate your prayer support.

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  1. Aww, I can't wait to meet him! He looks a lot like a white version of my friend beth's dog, who is just a sweet and snuggly dog, so I bet Fritz is similar in temperment :) I hope all goes well this week with Fritz Tatanka! And I hope he and Colin can put aside their differences and become fast friends.