Friday, April 17, 2009

To dog or not to dog

I want to start today by saying that I have just studied a picture of Rascal Flatts and realize my cousin Josh looks nothing like the lead guy. Nothing. Not sure what made me think that.

Okay, I have a bit of a dog itch again. There's a bichon mix in Next Largest Town (NLT). I knew a bichon in my post college life and I really liked her. I've thought if we got another dog now, a bichon might be nice.

You don't see a lot of the little dogs for adoption in my neighborhood. It's mostly black labs. No, thanks. I'm a cat person. I like to pretend my dog is a cat. The Yorkie worked great. It was like having a really needy cat.

So let's talk this out:

Points for NO dog
1. Colin isn't really hip to the idea. I think he's concerned about barking.
2. We sold the kennel.
3. The house no longer smells like dog pee. Just toddler poop.
4. We can leave the house without worrying where the dog is and whether it has lately been outside.
5. We don't have to pay for kenneling when we go away for the weekend . . . not that that happens so often lately.
6. We get a bit allergic around our house. We probably don't need to add any allergy issues to the mix.
7. I think the grass might grow next to the house again.

Points for DOG
1. It's pretty cute.
2. When Brent is gone at night it would be comforting to have a dog there to lick to death any intruder.
3. I think Daniel would like it.

Yeah, I don't know.

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