Thursday, August 21, 2008

Scream it out

Baby D had a 20 minute nap today. Now, I'm no expert on parenting, but that doesn't seem like quite enough for a 19 month old. He has gone to bed early -- but he hasn't actually gone to sleep. No. He's up there screaming his little head off.

I think earlier in my parenting career, I would have thought of this as poor parenting. Now, I think of it as lung exercise, if you will. Something to tire my tot out. Earlier in my parenting career I would have been sitting outside his door watching the minutes tick away until five had passed and it was time to reassure him that he was all right. Now I see those little visits as an excuse for him to start the whole thing over again. Now I say things like, "Well, Baby D's been screaming for 20 minutes. I guess I'll go see if he's done."

I see now more clearly how those first, second, third born personalities work themselves out. These poor tail end children must absolutely fend for themselves.

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