Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Brain Fog 2

It was another tough Brain Fog day today. I might actually say it's gotten worse. I am writing now whilst I am the tiniest bit clear. Tomorrow I am being taken to see the lovely and elusive Dr. Deb. When I called Nurse Kendra this morning to say I was going to up my medication, I burst into tears. I was booked immediately into an appointment with Dr. Deb tomorrow. I have an appointment with her next month I had to wait nine months to get, so I must have really freaked poor Kendra out.

Things are so foggy, I actually forgot to lay Baby D down for his nap this morning. I did manage to get fully dressed before Brent got home for lunch (not that it would have mattered to him if I hadn't).

The problem with being a depression struggler with a massive sense of humor is that you find things terribly funny even in the midst of the overwhelming sadness. Last night, for example, I had something very serious to tell Brent and I began, "I'm only going to say this once . . ." but I was crying so hard he couldn't understand me. When I realized I was going to have to say the thing I had vowed to only say once again, I began laughing so hard he couldn't understand me.

It cannot be easy to live with me sometimes.

Note to anyone who may have coffee date planned with me later in the week: Not to worry. Brent will put a stop to it if it looks like I may be an hysterical crying/laughing danger to anyone.

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