Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Brain Fog 3: The dialogue

Things NOT to say to a person with Brain Fog:

Why don't you get off the couch?

What's your problem?

Why don't you cheer up then?

Are you suicidal? (No.)

Do you think you'll need to be hospitalized?

Maybe you're pregnant. (Mother, I hate to tell you in this forum but this statement is always inappropriate. Let's just assume I'll tell you if I am, but I wouldn't expect to hear it from me ever again.)

Things TO say to a person with Brain Fog:

Can I come take the baby for a couple of hours?

Can I make you guys some dinner?

How are you feeling today?

How can I pray for you?

You should eat some chocolate.


  1. You should eat chocolate AND have a Caribou. HA.

  2. Krispy Kreme chocolate doughnut always works for me... so soft.. so chocolaty... so good...

  3. A Krispy Kreme would be so tasty!! Unfortunately, the nearest one is an hour away, so I'll have to just drink Hershey's straight from the bottle.

  4. I agree. I relate. And sometimes I find myself driven (well, actually I am the driver) to a wonderful place like... Dairy Queen. It's beautiful there. chocolate. ice cream. choices. brownies. cherry dip cones. sigh...