Sunday, August 17, 2008

Middle Age

I'm not quite ready to say I am middle aged. At 39, that would be . . . not very good at math . . . a life span of 78 years. I am hoping for more than that. I have, however, started to notice things. Noisy digestion for one thing. One potato chip -- GURGLE, GURGLE GROOOOOWL. One row of tasty sweetcorn -- I REFUSE TO PROPERLY DIGEST. I WILL NOT (This is my stomach speaking). Most painful of all, one Diet Coke -- SWISH, SWISH, GURGLE, SWISH. Some days it seems to be worse than others.

I remember my mom laughing at a friend who said it took a few hours for her face to readjust in the morning. A few years later Mom did not find it so funny. The other day I was face down on the floor preparing for an upward dog when I felt my face fall towards the floor. I went for the upward dog but my face did not. It stayed right where it was.

This is not funny.

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