Thursday, August 7, 2008

Good for her!

So after a therapeutic coffee date with my friend Barb (Thanks, Auntie Barbie, you sweet thing, for laughing with/at me!) I was leaving the Caribou parking lot when I noticed a woman in the 5 minute zone was shaving her legs out of the passenger seat of her car. With a razor. And shaving cream. And a bowl of water.

First of all, I hope Barb got to see it because I know she would have bust a gut with that great laugh of hers. Secondly, I thought about taking a picture but that seemed inappropriate in an already strange scene. Thirdly, well, good for her, I say! Gals, who among us has not had a day when we said, "I certainly am sorry I did not shave my legs today!" We all have at one point or another, but this woman was prepared to do something about it . . . from her car!! Now as a full-time homemaker I am prepared to do a lot of things from my car. I have bags and Kleenex and diaper wipes and sippy cups and Caribou napkins and maps and the odd McDonald's straw, BUT I am not equipped for a leg shaving emergency. Good for her! Also, even if I were prepared to shave my legs, would I have the chutzpah to do it in the Caribou parking lot? I probably would not. Good for her!!

I am certainly going to think harder about what a gal on the go should have in her car.

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  1. Wow. For a while I was prepared to host a picnic out of the back of the van, but that was only because I'd been to lazy to take the picnic supplies out after the reunion. It came in pretty handy though when my MiL forgot plates at the park bday for my FiL. I even had juice boxes to share amongst the children.