Monday, August 11, 2008


During my "downtime" I have been doing what Brent calls cheap eBay therapy. My focus has been on fall clothes for Baby D. Buying school clothes for Colin is pretty uncomplicated. The new one checkout at Old Navy/Gap has simplified the whole process into one order - one big box. The big box came the other day loaded down with 10 slim jeans and plain t-shirts. Colin is a happy camper.

Baby D is still under my dressing control, however, and I discovered that the Southern Mommies are dressing their toddlers in these corduroy overalls with seasonal appliques on them. How stinky cute was this. I was hooked. Every pair I looked at was from North Carolina, Alabama, Texas, Louisiana, etc. We like cute things up North. How have we missed this?

My bids were too low and over a four day span I made 31 bids with nothing to show for it. My sister correctly predicted I would get frustrated and start upping my bids. Suddenly I was a winner . . . every time. Oops.

The packages started arriving today. I went out to meet Mark the mailman at his truck. "I wasn't feeling well, Mark. I've been on eBay."

"No kidding," laughed Mark as he handed me five eBay packages.

"You'll probably be back," I said.

"Well, that's all right," he replied and winked at me.

If you've had a little eBay-itis, I'm thinking as long as your financier calls it good therapy and your mailman can laugh with you . . .well, it's probably going to be all right. I'm wondering if I should look and see if you can put a hold on your account for your own protection, though.

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