Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pay What You Owe

When my dad owned the newspapers, I worked nearly every job there was at the place.  My least favorite was bookkeeper.  I would send out the bills and then people would send in random amounts of money.  Some more, some less -- some none at all.  My motto became "Pay what you owe.  No more, no less."

I start with this because we are going on vacation.  No, wait.  It will make sense.  We are going to a resort which required payment in full on our package before we arrive.  I made the down payment and then assumed that when the rest was due it would be placed on my card automatically.

It wasn't, and I didn't notice until I received a phone call today.  I saw by the caller ID it was my resort . . .

Oh, let's quit pretending.  We're going to "Central Florida."  Why do I even try to fool you?

So I saw on the caller ID that it was Central Florida and I got all excited.  Surely it was someone calling to say that they were glad we were coming.  Heck, they probably were calling to offer a magnificent free upgrade.

"Hello, Mary?"  (Mmmm . . . no one calls me Mary.  This wasn't good.)  "This is Storm from (Central Florida) Accounting."

Okay, I got stuck for a minute.  Really? Her name was Storm? I tuned back in just in time to hear her say, "Are you still planning your trip because you have not paid the balance of (your amount) due on (many, many weeks ago).  We will be cancelling your reservation at 5pm tomorrow if not paid in full."

WHAT????  WhatWhatWhatWhat????  NO!!  It was automatic!  Wasn't it automatic?  I thought it was automatic!!!  I've got a 13-year-old who is getting on an airplane for the first time in nine years because his father and I have talked fast and encouragingly and gotten him some pills from the doctor which we are swearing up and down will eliminate any fear he has at the airport which is sort of a bold-face lie, but we are running with it anyway!!!! We are working on "make up work"  which has to be done in advance as we speak from those text books that weigh 10 pounds each!!!!  No! No! No!


I hung up with Storm and called the Central Florida and took care of it.  All was well.  But what a heart attack.

Let's remember to pay what we owe.

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