Monday, October 31, 2011

Back from the Mysterious Unknown

We are back from our trip to an undisclosed location in central Florida and may I say we had THE BEST time ever.  We have been there (ahem) a few times over recent years and so we were able to relax and just enjoy ourselves without feeling pressure to get it all in before we left.

This was Colin's first air trip in nine years. He has stubbornly refused to get on a plane since he was four years old.   I think I wrote to you that we were all feeling a little nervous about it.  He did a great job coping.  I'm guessing he prefer not to fly, but I think he'd do it again.  He even survived well enough to humor his mother with this photo at the undisclosed location.

Now THAT'S a good sport for a junior high boy, and I salute him.

The friendliest people we encountered the entire trip -- and I have never lied to you -- were the TSA crew at the Minneapolis airport.  Do you remember how I was trying to get D to practice?  Not a  problem with these likable folks ready to high five a guy when he walked through on his own.  I would not brag about TSA in Orlando, but Minneapolis -- yes!  Shout out to them!

So now we're home and we're trying to adjust to having to make our own beds and eat snacks not in the shape of a mouse head.

D would like to know how many days until our next trip.  I wish I knew.

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